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It was an amazing season!  It was so fun to be back on the overall podium, making this my 10th year with a position in the top 3 in the world.  I trained hard and the work paid off! Thank  you for all of your support :-)

Posted on 13, 1 2013

2010 was an amazing and difficult season for me.  I'm so happy to have finished in 3rd place in the World Cup Finals in my home town of Verbier.  For the 9th year in a row, I finished in the top 3 in the world.  In the end, it was down to Simone Origone and myself.  We both broke the track record of the Mont Fort, but it was Simone who was a few hundreds of a km ahead of me.  A new young Czech racer was several km behind us in 3rd place.  Knowing that Simone and I are that much faster than the rest of the racers at the end of a really long season is a real confidence booster to the future.  I hope for 2011 I will be as competitive in the World Championships.  Well, I'm off to train!

Posted on 29, 3 2011

After a whirlwind trip to Canada, I had 3 days of work in Switzerland and then got on a plane to Sweden.  Six of us arrived in Stockholm and rented a large van, which we then drove 17 hours North to the Arctic circle of Salla Finland.  We drove through the night and arrived the morning before the first race day of the World Cup.  Though we were all exhausted we were excited to race in this unique event where the weather is hard to predict and the snow is difficult to wax for.

I had some excellent training runs, and I came in 3rd place in the first event.  Unfortunately the weather took a turn for the worse and so did I.  I did not deal well with the frigid temperatures of minus 22 and high winds.  I’m afraid I came in 4th in the second race.

After another 17 hour drive in treacherous conditions, we arrived in Idre Sweden.  The track went from very wet and soft on the training day to extremely hard and very cold on the race day.  Because of the hard conditions and a bad line choice, I got bumped up in the timing zone on the semifinal run.  I felt I could overcome this, but my start position as a result of that fault left me starting well before the top guys, which gave them an advantage.  I ended up in 5th place, only .1 off the podium, and the guys behind me were more than 2 kph slower than me.  It was a disappointment, but the competition was really fierce and I’m proud of how I skied. 

Moving on to the final race in Sweden, I knew I had to keep my act together and redeem myself.  I wanted a good podium finish before returning home.  Hundfjallet is a notoriously difficult track to ski.  I had consistently fast runs, and I finally performed well in the final.  I came in 2nd place and I was truly happy with my performance.

I have one more World Cup and 2 other fun races in Verbier.  (The Swiss Championships and Speed Masters).  I’m really looking forward to racing at home and enjoying the support of my friends and family.

Stay fast!



Posted on 1, 4 2010

In the wake of the Olympics, we flew into Vancouver, seeing many Olympic athletes at the airport on their way home.  All of whom had smiles, weather their dreams came true or not.  There is no doubt that participation in the Olympics is a wonderful experience.

After renting our minivan, we drove 5 hours north in terrible weather.  Sleet, Rain, Snow, Slush, no dry roads were to be found.

We arrived at 1 am and had training the next morning.  Thankfully it was delayed a little so I could rest before taking runs at 160 kph. 

I had excellent results in training on the wet conditions.  The races moved forward and I placed 3rd and 4th, in each event.  I was quite happy with these results and managed an additional 3rd place in the Velocity Challenge.

Being on the podium in a Speed Ski World Cup is quite the challenge.  There is often only 1 thousand of a second between racers.  The competition is fierce and I’m proud to be among the top competitors in every event.

Stay Fast,



I’ve had a great start to the season.  All of my summer training has paid off and I’m happy to announce that I came in 3rd place at the first World Cup event in Vars France. 

The conditions were very difficult.  With air temperatures at minus 24 plus the wind chill factor, and snow temps at -18, it was difficult for my wax technician Tracie Sachs to find the right wax combo.  As for me, I found it hard to race in extreme cold weather, wearing nothing but a rubber suit with minimal insulation. 

I put up a good fight and was able to overcome these adverse conditions and landed myself on the podium.  This makes over 30 World Cup podiums in my career. 

I hope to have many more podiums this season.  Thank you for your support!

Stay Fast –



I had a wonderful season and I'm proud to announce that I came in 2nd place in the overall fight for the World Cup Globe.  It was tough competition this year, but for the 8th season consecutively I placed in the top 3 in the world overall!  

I also won the Swiss Cup, and Swiss Championships.  I was lucky to be in many newspaper articles this season, which are posted on my press page.  

I've been training hard all summer and I'm looking forward to another great season!


I'm very happy to report that I came in 2nd place in the first FIS World Cup of the season in Sun Peaks Canada.  

It was a difficult race with threats of bad weather.  I was experimenting with new skis during the training day.  They were pretty good and enabled me to achieve 3rd place in all of the training runs.  On the race day, I switched to my race skis and came in 1st place in the semi-finals.  Unfortunately in the finals when I landed after the jump, my skis were not flat and it cost me some speed.  I'm still very happy with my second place finish despite my large fault.  Simone Origone came in first, with Bastien Montes and Kenny Dale tied for 3rd.  

Tomorrow I will leave for Sweden, where we will rent a car and continue to drive 17 hours north to the Russian border of Finland where we have 2 races.  Then we will drive back to Sweden for 2 more races before returning to the Swiss Alps.

I'm confident that I will have good news to report in the next few weeks.

Stay fast!



I am very happy with my performance at the FIS World Championships in Vars, France. I am proud to announce that I am now the 2009 FIS Vice World Champion.

After many days of bad weather and postponements, the race finally took place in only 2 days. We had 3 runs on the first day, and a semifinal and final on the second day with a prediction of more bad weather by the end of the day.

My wax technician, Tracie Max Sachs was able to mix up some magical potions for my skis that seemed to be working very well. On the first run, I was in 2nd place. On the second run, I was in 1st place tied with Jukka Viitasaari of Finland. On the 3rd run, I was in 1st place faster than Jukka and Jonathan Moret by more than 1k. Things were looking good going into the finals for the next day. In the semifinal I won with more than a 1 k lead. On the final run, I was just under the pace of Simone Origone. He won with a speed of 225 km/h and I came in 2nd with a speed of 224.57 km/h. It was amazing to be separated by only .4 k. Behind us, my team-mate Jonathan Moret took 3rd with a speed of 221, almost 4 k behind myself and Simone! Jukka, and Bastien Montes tied for 4th with a speed of 220.99.

It was an incredible week of extremely tight competition. I'm very proud of my performance and I'm looking forward to competing for the globe in the upcoming World Cup Tour series.

Welcome to my new and improved website.  Thanks to Paul Shorey my new webdesigner and Tracie Max Sachs who helped in the design, I will be able to update my website very frequently.  This is great news and I'm proud of all the work they did to enable me to have a website that is not only very fresh looking but extremely functional as well.

I have been training extremely hard this summer.  I have started competitive cycling as part of my new training program.  I cycled over 3000 kilometers this summer, and I participated in several races both in Switzerland and the US.  I'm most satisfied with my result in the Bike Across Florida Event.  It was the longest single day bike race in the US, and I came in 7th place!  I am continuing my cycling with small online races through the Taxc Imagic program.  I have been working on a weight training and strengthening program as well.  

Today is the first day of 2009.  I'm so excited and happy with my current situation as the new Director of the Swiss Ski School in Verbier.  I am challenged everyday both mentally and physically.  We have massive amounts of snow here, and it seems to just keep coming.  We are so lucky and fortunate to live in this ski paradise I call home!  

Happy New Year, and best wishes to you for a fast and prosperous 2009!




It has been a great start to the season so far. Although there hasn't been much snow in Europe, the Speed Ski World Cup Tour was able to commence in Kulm, Badmittendorf Austria the weekend of February 23rd. The race took place on the longest natural ski flying hill in the world. Despite the spring weather and lack of snow on all of the surrounding areas, Andy Nemetz and his race crew were able to truck snow in to Bad Mittendorf and pack the track with enough coverage to host the race. Surprisingly the track conditions were quite good, even with the huge compression and the short run out. It was a very technical course and the speeds were very tight between the top men and women.
I was skiing very well and I was leading at the semifinal. The speeds were so close in the end that I tied for second place with Jonathan Moret, and Martin Hochrainer, lead by Simone Origone in First place.
Just after the World Cup in Austria, all the racers got on a plane and headed to western Canada for 2 more World Cups and a pro race. The 9 hour time difference proved not to be much of a factor, as the racers were very competative again. The young new comer Ivan Origone placed first with Canadian Kenny Dale in second and myself in third, followed by Simone Origone.
The second Canadian race was a difficult one to pull off. With horrible weather conditions and high winds, we were left with only a half hour window of sunshine. The podium didn't change much, with Kenny Dale in first, myself in second and Simone Origone in 3rd.
These results left me in the lead for the overall points of the World Cup. In the pro race on Sunday I placed 4th. It again was a tight race, and I think I finally succomed to the fatigue of travel, but I'm not dissapointed because of any race to drop in the rankings I'm happy it wasn't one of the World Cups.
Because of the postponement of a pro race in Les Arcs France, I have a few days to relax and prepare for the upcomming races in Scandanavia. We have 2 World Cups in Sweden and then 2 World Cups in Finland. They will be followed by the World Cup finals in Italy. I am hoping the weather will be good for all of the events and that my travel itinerary goes according to plan.
Stay Fast -

It's been a great start to the season. In fact it's the best start I've ever had.
I placed 4th in the European XGames in Goldeck Austria.
I then traveled to participate in the races in Sun Peaks Canada. I had a great time there, despite the travel difficulties of getting stranded overnight in Germany with the whole Swiss Team. After arriving a day late, and losing all of our luggage and having no sleep, I was surprised at how well I was able to perform. In the first World Cup race, I placed 2nd, and in the second World Cup race I placed 3rd. My speed was the second fastest of the weekend, giving my the second place in the Velocity challenge.
After flying back to Switzerland and losing my luggage again, I managed to pull myself together for the French Championship/ Marco Salvagio race in Les Arcs France. The weather forecast was bad, but Marco shined on us the whole weekend. We had perfectly sunny weather and I came in second place with a speed of 207 km/h.
I'm leaving tomorrow to go to the 3 World Cup races in Sweden. I'm looking forward to these events and I hope to perform to the best of my ability.

I had an excellent season, finishing off with a new personal record and new Swiss record. I came in 2nd place at the Pro Mondial in Les Arcs France, with a very fast speed of 248.280 km/h. This is the 4th fastest speed in the history of skiing.
I am very proud of my achievments this year and I look forward to competing again next year.
This comming season, I will not be updating the English news section of my website as frequently as I have in the past. For the latest updates, please check the French version of the site. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via email.

-----The TagHeuer/ XSpeedSki and Swiss Championships in Verbier, Nendez, Mont-Fort were a great success. After a minor set back due to the FSV changing their minds about covering the race, we changed the event from the Pro-Mondial to a Swiss Open. This was only a small bump in the road in the organization. Because the organizers of the event were so well prepared, we were able to hold a very successful race. For the first time in Swiss history, several racers were able to safely achieve speeds over 200 km/h.
We are looking at this achievement as a great accomplishment in speed skiing. We had the Mont-Fort track homoligated by the FIS over the weekend, and we are looking forward to having a World Cup, or possibly the World Championships here next year. It is possible that for the first time since the 92 Olympics, we may have a FIS race at a speed over 200. This is a great break through for the sport, and we are very proud of the performance of all of the racers, organizers and volunteers.
I am happy with my performance during this race, considering the amount of stress I was under, being one of the main organizers of this event. I really wanted everything to run smoothly, and I was hoping to be the fastest Swiss as well. I turned out to be the 2nd fastest Swiss, and the race ended up being one of the most fun events of the season.
In addition to hosting a great event, I am happy to announce that I have signed a deal with Rossignol. I was very happy with the performance of the ski during the race on the Mont-Fort. I think the skis have a lot of potential to become very fast, and I am very happy to be a new member of the Rossignol team.

-----The high speed races of the Pro-Mondial circuit went by very quickly. After the FIS circuit was over, we immediately began racing in Les Arcs, France and Vars, France. The speed ski tracks in these locations are known to be the fastest in the world. I was very excited to be skiing over 200 km/h again. I think my enthusiasm helped me gain a position on the top of the field in the pro races.
In the first Pro-Mondial in Vars France, I had an amazing race. I remained in the top 3 positions throughout all of the runs. In the finals, I skied well and I placed 2nd with a speed of 204.08 km/h. In the second Pro-Mondial event in Les Arcs, I was also skiing very well. I was trying new skis, that Rossignol provided me, and I did very well with them. All of my runs were in the top five, which made me very confident for the finals. In the semifinals, I was in 3rd place. The weather was not looking good, and they were threatening to close the event early. After a track inspection, it was decided that despite low visibility the track was in safe condition. This was to my benefit, because with one more run, I was able to secure 2nd place with a final speed of 221.81. This result placed me 2nd in the overall Pro-Mondial competition, behind Simone Origone by only one point. I was happy with my finish in the Pro-Mondial, and this has been one of my best seasons yet.

-----The World Cup Finals in Hundfjallet, Sweden went very well. It was a very difficult race because of the shape of the track. The track was very steep, and it finished into a frozen lake. If you can imagine, this caused quite a compression at the bottom. I was under a lot of pressure to perform well here, because I was sitting so high in the overall ranking. I was very happy with my performance, and I ended up finishing the FIS season 3rd overall. This made me very happy, because it is the 3rd year in a row that I have been on the overall World Cup Podium.


I have just returned from several races in Cervinia Italy and Sun Peaks Canada. After weeks of traveling, I am happy to report that I have been on the podium 3 times during the last 4 races.
In Canada, the track was extremely difficult. The course was quite steep with 3 jumps, requiring technical expertise and strength. In the first World Cup race, I had some difficulty on one of the jumps and landed a bit off center. Unfortunately this cost me some time and I finished 8th. For the second WC race, I was able to regain my focus and take the jumps with strength. I was very happy with my 3rd place finish.
In Cervinia Italy I had to overcome the hurdle of racing on a track where I left in an ambulance one year ago. I didn't think it would be as difficult as it was. In addition, the crowd almost seemed to view me as nonthreatening for the top position. I was a bit frustrated by this and I really wanted to prove to everyone including myself that I had what it takes to be number one. After several good training runs, I was mentally prepared to take on the track. In the first World Cup, I put up a great fight and I nailed first place. During the second race, the wind conditions were a bit inconsistent, but I was able to maintain my focus. I skied well again and fought for a podium position. After a tough battle, I placed 3rd, which moved me up to the 2nd position overall in the World Cup fight for the globe.
I will leave on Sunday for the World Cup Finals in Hundfjallet Sweden. I am really looking forward to this race. Last year I did not get to participate there because of the injuries I sustained in Cervinia. I have skied well in Hundfjallet before, and I know I can do well there next week. After the F.I.S. World Cup Finals, the higher speed events will begin in France and Switzerland. This has been a great season so far and I really hope it continues in the same direction.

I had a really nice week at the XGames in Goldeck, Austria. The track was very interesting and was quite technical with speeds hovering around 160 km/h. I skied very well during training and felt very comfortable in my tuck. Several times in training I had the fastest run.
On the day of the race, the track was quite bumpy and there were very high winds. The organizers had to make a decision to run from the lower start instead of the very top of the track. This would mean there would be lower speeds for the race. In addition, we would only have time for one run. This made it a very difficult event.
At the start, I had a problem with my skis. The track had a lot of ridges in it, and my ski got hooked on the edge. This made it impossible for me to get into my tuck quickly. I still had a very good run and I finished in 7th place. I think I lost a lot of acceleration at the top of the track.
I am really looking forward to racing in Canada the first week of March. They have a very exciting track and the race is very well organized. I will continue to work and train in Verbier until then. Peace.